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      • AI Solution for Language
      • Teaching and Learning
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      What We Do

      AI Solution,it can play roles as
      • AI Speaking Teacher
        Immediate pin-pointed feedback on mistakes without intentive 1 on 1 instruction
      • AI Practicing Coach
        AI coach, chat with you in any topic, and instant assessment with positive manner
      • AI Speech Coach
        AI coach evaluates your speech, and advise on pause times, fluency, grammar, pronunciation and integrity
      • AI Interviewer
        AI interviewer- evaluate candidates language level
      • AI Examniner
        Integrate with Chivox API to construct an auto scoring system for school exams and language level tests
      • AI Speech and Language Therapist
        Integrate with Chivox API to help whom have trouble speaking, AI therapist will correct and encourage you to speak and make progress any time anywhere
      • What We’ve Done
      Chivox has widely served International Chinese learning related institutions, with a total of more than 10 million users.Our clients include Confucius Institutes around the world, HSK test institutes, Chinese language learning courses in University.
      Chivox has widely served International English learning related institutions, with a total of more than 1 billion users from the world.
      Chivox has served the national language proficiency test and entrance examination for more than 10 years.
      • 182
      • Countries
      • 7 million
      • Annual Voice Data Hours
      • 8 billion
      • Recordings
      • Who We Are
      Chivox technical team was founded in Cambridge University in 2007 to develop AI speech assessment technology.
      In 2009, Chivox was set up in China and started to cooperate with Language training schools to evaluate students’ pronunciation in both English and Chinese. Thanks to large population and feedback from clients, Chivox AI speech assessment techbology improved rapidly.
      In 2014, Chivox became the leading company in speech assessment industry , and was acquired by Netdragon(00777.HK). Chivox started globalization, together with Edmodo and Promethean, whom were also acquired by Netdragon.
      Now, Chivox has served language learning institutes all over the world with over 1 billion users.
      • We are Looking
        for Global Distributors!
      • We are looking for global distributors, if you are interested, please contact us
      • @BD@chivox.com. Or leave your message.
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